Argyll Chart Definitions

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Some contributed Argyll chart definition files (.cht files).

  • Wolf Faust targets (
    • C1 target
      it8.cht file as shipped with ArgyllCMS can be used
  • Christophe M├ętairie Photographie (
    • DigitaL TargeT 003 ( (produced 2007, batch# 0349)
  • X-Rite/GretagMacbeth (
    • (24 patch) ColorChecker ( (March 2007 edition, see note [1] below)
    • CIE colour reference files [2]
      • Image:ColorChecker_vendor_D50_2deg.cie
      • Image:ColorChecker_vendor_D65_2deg.cie
      • Image:ColorChecker_avg_D50_2deg.cie
      • Image:ColorChecker_avg_D65_2deg.cie


[1] Vendor information on the ground truth colour patch data based on X-Rite/GreatagMacbeth data from the BabelColor web site was used:

Expected XYZ colour values for the D50/2 deg. observer were computed from xyY values provided by BabelColor (based on vendor information).

[2] Vendor's colour information is compiled from data provided by X-Rite/GreatagMacbeth with the mass produced colour charts. XYZ values for the files has been computed from the provided CIE LAB (D50/2deg) values, chromatic adaptation transformations (where necessary for D65) have been computed using the Bradford transformation.