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Feature Wishes for Oyranos

The assignment of items to a person does not mean there happens currently work. So offering help is better than waiting with a item of interest.

A closely related source for project ideas is the Google Summer of Code wiki page of OpenICC (http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/OpenIcc/GoogleSoC2009).


  • (done as pddt) implement Device_Settings in ICC profiles
    • changed to ICC meta tag of type dict in v0.1.13
Progress: 100% [done] Target: 0.1.10 Start: 2008.00.00 Assigned to: Kai-Uwe Behrmann
  • generalise to Sane, CUPS ... see as well here
Progress: 100% [done] Target: 0.1.10 Start: 2009.03.00 Assigned to: Kai-Uwe Behrmann, Yiannis Belias
Progress: 100% [done] Target: 0.1.10 Start: 2008.03.00 Assigned to: Joe Simon, Hal V. Engel, Cyrille Berger, Kai-Uwe Behrmann


  • check for validity of a display setup (calibrated: yes/no, expired, ...)
  • done (add non EDID monitor support - by a mix of X description and by Xinerama geometry (prepared for 0.1.8))
Progress: 100% [done] Target: 0.1.8 Start: 2007.08.00 Assigned to: Kai-Uwe Behrmann
  • done (common screen naming scheme for X11, osX and Windows)
  • Named Colours in X11, osX ,Windows representation
  • (done) clear about VCGT handling, use Xcalib (licensing?) or ArgyllCMS, give at least a hint at configure time "found Xcalib/Argyll - can load VCGT" - Oyranos shells out for xcalib
  • (done) support the upcoming X11 CM protocols (http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/OpenIcc/ColorManagementNearX) developed by Tomas Carnecky. implemented in graph but need drafting/specification
  • done (XRandR support)
  • (done) support Apples X11

ICC profile handling

  • check for well behaving of Editing colour spaces (Matrix, RGB: gamma equally over all channels, Gray axis, ...)
  • (done) check ICC profiles It is something better suited for SampleICC - packaged on OBS.
  • (obsolete) extraction of colorimetric informations from a profile like primaries, gamma or profile type

Settings and Policies

  • use of standard folders for: display profiles, RGB editing profiles, CMYK editing profiles.

If advanced users want to use special profiles e.g. for editing, they have manually to add the profile to this folder. This is an easy way to implement a solution, that beginners are not able to choose wrong profiles by accident.

  • color management policies
Progress 90% Version: 0.1.x Start: 2004 Assigned to: Kai-Uwe Behrmann
    • done (only allow flat color documents or allow mixed mode documents ?)
    • done (how to deal with profile mismatches during opening files ?)
    • done (how to deal with profile mismatches during placing content ?)
  • to add:
    • done (add CMYK editing profile (OY_DEFAULT_EDITING_CMYK_PROFILE))
    • done (add non-editable web colour space sRGB for displaying - should be used during download from web (OY_DEFAULT_WEB_PROFILE=sRGB))
    • done (profile assigning for untagged data during opening (auto / leave / ask) (OY_UNTAGGED_ASSIGN_ACTION))
    • done (add RGB/CMYK opening mismatch policy (convert / leave attached profile/pop-up) , in an pure sRGB environment it could be used to make all unknown RGB content equal (OY_MISMATCH_RGB_OPEN_ACTION ...))
    • done (profile assigning for mismatched data during editing policy, harmonise during editing for homogeneous colour space documents (OY_MISMATCH_CMYK_CHANGE_ACTION ...))
    • note: placing and editing files could equal react regarding mismatch (handles the mismatch question from above)
    • (done) mixed colour space documents for internet warning/quiet (OY_MIXED_COLOUR_INTERNET_DOCUMENT_WARNING)
  • rendering intent (Craig Ringer's suggestion) (http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/openicc/2007q4/000963.html)
    • Perceptual
    • Relative Colorimetric with BPC
    • -- Rarely Needed --
    • Relative Colorimetric without BPC
    • Absolute Colorimetric
    • Saturation
    • BPC affect all RIs; a Relative Colorimetric with BPC can only be used for convenience
    • implement like a skin?
    • Where to translate the general CMS options into the above suggested combined options? In the 'oicc' module?
    • Reference: AdobeBPC spec (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/photoshop/sdk/AdobeBPC.pdf)
  • allow non persistent settings, examples:
    • (done) useful for temporarily adding profile paths in osX bundles - paths follow the OpenICC spec through XDG_DATA_DIRS
    • switching default profiles to gamma 1.0 versions in one application, without touching other applications

Directory Paths

Progress: 100% Version: x.x.x Start: defacto 2004 Assigned to: open
  • (obsoleted by XDG variables) ICC_PROFILE_PATH ? how to interact with Oyranos
  • (done) update Oyranos' internal path representation to the OpenICC Directory Proposal
  • (done) OY_MODULE_PATHS for CMM's
  • (done) update to v0.2

Default Profiles

  • (done) naming of ECI profiles to something FOGRA corresponding (Chris Murphy and others on OpenICC)
  • (done) most ECI profiles are replaced with Argyll created ones
  • (done) remains to relicense or replace the eciRGB ones
  • country specific settings
Progress: 92% Version: 0.1.8 Start: Assigned to: Kai-Uwe Behrmann

CMM Framework

  • back end API a typical CMM should provide
    • on disk caching
    • (done) transform caching (file format - device link)
Progress: 75% Version: x.x.x Start: 2007 Assigned to: Kai-Uwe Behrmann (Scribus?)
  • front end API, transforms, caching, image description - buffer layout / screen position
Progress: 80% Version: 1.x.x Start: 2007 Assigned to: Kai-Uwe Behrmann
Progress: 0% Version: 1.x.x Start: 2008 Assigned to: ?
    • options handling (xml, GUI)
      • (done) static options should be displayed to users according to preferences (for instance mismatch option)
Progress: 100% Version: x.x.x Start: 2006 Assigned to: Kai-Uwe Behrmann + ?
Progress: 20% Version: 1.x.x Start: 2008 Assigned to: Marijana Novakovic
  • file support (tiff,png,jpeg)
Progress: 35% Version: first use in Colori Start: 2007-09-10 Assigned to: Kai-Uwe Behrmann

Named Colour

  • colour information structure
Progress: 60% Version: first use in ICC Examin v0.45 Start: 2007-09-03 Assigned to: Kai-Uwe Behrmann

Constitute a colour patch representation:

  • done - CIELab representation
  • done - arbitrary channels (32)
  • done - channel characterisation (4 byte ICC signature)
  • done - channel names list
  • done - colour name
  • done - colour description
  • done - colour nick name
  • done - colour reference (ICC profile)
  • done - cgats representation, this can contain additional observer characteristics or spectral data
  • state is shown here (http://www.behrmann.name/wind/oyranos/icc_examin_2007.09.24.html)
  • done - allow for grouping ( swatches )
  • exchange as colour selection(s) in X11, Quartz ...
  • Named Colours (oyNamedColour(s)_s) <-> data blob (Create's colour swatch XML, CGATS, ...) in a plugable fashion
  • keep in sync with Create (http://create.freedesktop.org/wiki/index.php?title=Swatches_-_colour_file_format)
  • HDR range information
  • creator signature?
  • gamut warning with the device, which is exceeded - monitor, printer, colour space
  • to sRGB float conversion from Lab(D50)/XYZ or from channels over ICC profile with lcms2
  • gamma handling?
  • extra channel handling (scheme for explicitly naming alpha, UV ...) enums? string tags? ...


  • done (split Oyranos headers for users, configuration)
  • done (show in headers only stable functions)
  • done (remove unstable functions from descriptions)
  • (done) later show only advanced options to those users who like it
    • something like default settings / policy
    • and modify policy, advanced or custom
  • done(v0.1.5) Bob Friesenhahn suggested Oyranos should be completely relocatable
  • (done) IPC (Xorg, ...?)


Oyranos Roadmap

Target 2.x.x

  • stable API
    • graph API - work in progress
  • add script host (OpenGTL/OpenCL/...)
  • write new renderer for oForms (Qt/Gtk/...)

Target 1.0.0

  • stable API
    • settings, profile query - seems a good candidate (oyranos.h + oyranos_icc.h)
    • device and profile APIs - with the help of the GSoC2010 code refactoring

Target 0.2.x

  • (done) embed Elektra for easier distribution
  • (done) patch SANE
  • (done) add SANE module
  • clarify image_display example (FLTK CM policy on osX/native X/...)
  • (done) install compiz plug-in (split out like ICC Examin?)
  • (done) install Xorg tools
  • (done) work with 'meta' tag
  • (done) embed meta tag - in device specific tools like oyranos-monitor
    • use intermediate XML to allow for easy editing let specialised tools care about, like SampleICC, or...
    • (done) couple close to the according driver, e.g. oyX1, oyRE ...
  • (done) split out icc-profiles - http://sourceforge.net/projects/openicc/files/OpenICC-Profiles/
  • (done) finish lcms2 CMM [1] (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3054285&group_id=177017&atid=879553)
  • (done)missed monitor API in doxygen documentation
  • (done)_ICC_PROFILE_IN_X_VERSION lost?

Target 0.1.10

Target 0.1.8

  • (done) error handling
  • (done) information callback function:
 int (*callback)(int code, const char* format, ...)
    • internally all can stay with macros
    • the context should remain distinguishable, as over a pointer or a ID, the anonymous callback design above is problematic for OO programming
  • override default settings, dependent whether they are inbuild or explicitely set by a user [2] (http://www.behrmann.name/wind/cinepaint/cinepaint_2007.04.13_1.html): delayed until options are inside a oyOptions_s objetc
  • (done) gray profile setting
  • (done) license change as stated (http://www.oyranos.org/#license)
  • (done) new default profiles from ECI (http://www.eci.org/eci/de/060_downloads.php)
  • (done) investigate in ColorSync ignoring some CMM:SGI marked profiles
  • (done) look into newer Elektra library API (Oyranos v0.1.7 can use Elektra v0.6.4) v0.1.8 uses Elektra v0.7.x(which waits for its release)


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